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Black trucker

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Solid Black Trucker is new to BRIMMZ and soon to be a staple. 
This solid black hat is a go to for everything in the kids wardrobe and for the first time ever available in newborn! Please see sizing below! 
NEWBORN: This newborn hat is different then any other BRIMMZ we have had. The brim is made from a lighter more bendable material so you can bend it up out of your babes face if you need. We also removed the button on top so when your brimmz babe is in their car seat it isn’t pressing against their head. 


please measure for an accurate fit. The .5 inch is a big difference when it comes to a child’s head. 

NEWBORN: Most 0-6M 16-17.5”

INFANT: Most 6M-2YR 17.5-18.5”

TODDLER: Most 2YR-4YR 18.5-20”

CHILD: Most 5YR+ 21-23”

(child will fit a lot of adult women)

ADULT: Most 10+ 23"-25"