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The most exclusive box to Brimmz

As a member of the Brimmz club, each month you'll receive collectors' products that are exclusive to each month's box that will never be sold or reproduced again!

Please select the size of hat you will need, and the size of shirt or jacket with that size of hat. This is for when we send shirts and jackets instead of a hat some months. You will only receive one item 

Getting into the Brimmz Box by October 7th will get you into Brimmz Box #8 (Shipped by October 31st)

The Brimmz Box Club is a Subscription Box that will be billed monthly.


What is included in your box 

  • Brimmz limited edition Item / not for regular sale 
  • Free shipping
  • Welcome Box mailed to you day 1 (this will include items you can purchase online.) 

these boxes will be limited to our subscribers only. You will not be able to receive or purchase this item anywhere else.

Your first payment will process immediately, then again on the 1st of every month.

However, if you sign up after the 9th of any given month, your payment will skp the next calendar month.

Example... If you order on April 4th, you will be charged immediately and on the first of every month until you cancel or skip, starting May 1st. If you order on April 19th, you will be charged immediately and on the first of every month until you cancel or skip, starting June 1st.


No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Policy: Cancel any time before the next billing cycle and that current month's box will be your final box.

You may also request to skip a month through your online portal.

Please be aware that once your membership is cancelled:

  • You will be removed from the Membners Only Facebook Group
  • You will no longer be eligible for any upcoming offers, giveaways, or exclusive product drops
  • You are no longer eligible for the Ticket giveaway, even if you recevive the winning box. We reserve the rights to re-draw and award the prize to an active member



Although packed with limited edition and “collectors” products, our subscription Product currently retails for $25.

Brimmz will not provide or promise any specific “value” or “future value” for any of the boxes or the individual items that are included inside the ssubscription Box.

We understand the limited edition and “collectors” items that are inside the box are sought after by Brimmz fans and customers, and the decisions each customer makes with their box(es) after they have purchased and received their product is solely up to their individual discretion.