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Brimmz Box Basic

Brimmz Box Basic

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The most exclusive box to Brimmz


As a member of the Brimmz club, each month you'll receive collectors' products that are exclusive to each month's box that will never be sold or made again!

Please select the size of hat you will need (only child and toddler are available at this time) This is for when we send shirts and jackets instead of a hat some months. You will only receive one item with this subscription 

Getting into the Brimmz Box by the 7th of every month will get you into Brimmz Box that month. (Shipped by 30th & 31st)

The Brimmz Box Club is a Subscription Box that will be billed monthly for the upcoming month. 


What is included in your box 

  • Brimmz limited edition Item / not for regular sale 
  • Free shipping
  • Welcome Box mailed to you day 1 (this will include a welcome shirt excluisve to subscription members. This will not be the subsciption box. You will see a "partially fulfilled" note on your first subsciption purcahse for this shirt.

These boxes will be limited to our subscribers only. You will not be able to receive or purchase this item anywhere else.

Your first payment will process immediately, then again on the 15th of every month.

However, if you sign up after the 10th of any given month, your payment will skip the next calendar month.

Example... If you order on April 4th, you will be charged immediately and on the 15th of every month until you cancel or skip, starting May 15th. If you order on April 19th, you will be charged immediately and on the 15th of every month after that until you cancel or skip, starting June 15th.


No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Policy: Cancel any time before the next billing cycle and that current month's box will be your final box.

You may also request to skip a month through your online portal.

Please be aware that once your membership is cancelled:

  • Your free shipping and fist dibs on new releases will end.
  • You will no longer be eligible for any upcoming offers, giveaways, or exclusive product drops
  • You are no longer eligible for the Ticket giveaway, even if you receive the winning box. We reserve the rights to re-draw and award the prize to an active member




Although packed with limited edition and “collectors” products, our subscription Product currently retails for $29.50.

Brimmz will not provide or promise any specific “value” or “future value” for any of the boxes or the individual items that are included inside the subscription Box.

We understand the limited edition and “collectors” items that are inside the box are sought after by Brimmz fans and customers, and the decisions each customer makes with their box(es) after they have purchased and received their product is solely up to their individual discretion.

Hat size
Shirt size


Please measure above ears where a hat band would sit with a soft measuring tape or a string, then measure the string.

  • PREEMIE: Most day 1-4 weeks 12"-13.5"
  • NEWBORN (N): Most 3-9M 15”-17.5”

  • INFANT (XS): Most 6M-2YR 17.5-18.5”

  • TODDLER (S): Most 2YR-4YR 18.5-20”

  • CHILD (M): Most 5YR+ 21-23” (a lot of adult women) 

  • ADULT (L): 23-25”

If you know your child has a larger head than measure. After lots of reviews we have found our hats compared to other company’s like George Hats™ run one size bigger. If you are right on the cusp to switch then depending on the fit you want (perfect or tightened a little) size down or up. If your child is on the last inch of the measurements listed below, that is the size you will want.


1. What is a snapback hat?

  • A snapback hat is a type of adjustable baseball-style cap characterized by a flat brim and a snap closure at the back. It allows for easy customization and a secure fit.

2. How do I adjust the size of a snapback hat?

  • Snapback hats have a snap closure at the back, typically made of plastic or metal. To adjust the size, simply snap the closure to the desired position, tightening or loosening it to achieve a comfortable fit.

3. What head sizes do snapback hats typically fit?

  • Snapback hats are designed to fit most head sizes, refer to our size chart. Thanks to their adjustable closure. Be aware most women are a child size hat, so please measure.

4. Are snapback hats suitable for both men and women?

  • Yes! Snapback hats are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. They offer a versatile and stylish option for anyone looking to add a fashionable touch to their outfit.

5. How should I clean my snapback hat?

  • Spot cleaning with a mild detergent and a soft cloth, or toothbrush is recommended. Avoid submerging the hat in water or machine washing, as this may damage the shape and materials.
  • **WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY ALTERS TO THE HAT, but have found luck from customers with dawn dish soap and in the dishwasher upside down.**







You have 30 days to decide if an item is right for you. Brimmz will refund or exchange an item, provided that it has not been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn and that all labels and tags are attached. Customer will pay return shipping.
There will be slight variations in pattern placement. If there is a problem with your order then please contact us through email at or by phone at 1-(385)-865-6817
Brimmz has the right to refuse exchange/refund and is subject to request proof of defect.


Please note that slight variations in the placement of designs, logos, or patterns may occur with our snapback hats. These variations are a natural result of the manufacturing process and add to the unique character of each hat. While we strive to provide accurate product images, the actual placement may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos. Rest assured, these variations do not affect the quality or functionality of the hat. If you have any concerns, please contact our customer support team for assistance.


Have a question? We are here to help!

Please open a chat in the bottom right hand corner or feel free to text or call at 1-(385)-865-6817 or email us at

Emails, phone calls, and texts are answered during business hours Monday-Friday 9-5pm MST


We are Brimmz, Unveiling the power of hats, bound together by our love for headwear and our unwavering passion for style. With each stitch and every design, we aim to weave a unique narrative that resonates with the world.

What we stand for

Empowerment through Expression:
-Hats are more than just accessories; they are vessels of self-expression. At Brimmz, we celebrate individuality and embrace diversity, recognizing that every hat has the power to amplify personalities and elevate confidence. We encourage our community to wear their stories on their heads and shine brightly as they traverse the world.*

Creativity Unbound
-In the realm of headwear, creativity knows no bounds. Our atelier is a sanctuary where imaginations flourish and possibilities take shape. We thrive on innovation, blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge design, ensuring that each hat is a masterpiece in its own right. From custom creations to limited editions, our hats mirror the vibrant tapestry of the human spirit.*

Quality, the Brimmz Standard:
-We are committed to excellence in every detail. Quality is not just a buzzword for us—it is the essence of our brand. From sourcing premium materials to meticulously handcrafting each hat, we pride ourselves on delivering products that stand the test of time. When you wear a Brimmz creation, you wear a symbol of durability and sophistication.*

The Brimmz Family:
-Beyond hats, Brimmz is a tight-knit family united by shared values and a sense of camaraderie. We foster a community of support, where every member is cherished and encouraged to pursue their passions fearlessly. Together, we celebrate triumphs and lift each other during challenges, knowing that we are stronger together.*

In the world of Brimmz, we embark on a journey of joy, discovery, and limitless potential. We envision a universe where hats transcend fashion and become emblems of empowerment. Our mission is to spread smiles one brim at a time, igniting positivity and sparking conversations that bridge cultures and generations.

Welcome to Brimmz, where hats unlock the door to endless horizons, lots of. smiles, and each chapter unfolds with style, heart, and a dash of imagination.

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