Why Brimmz?

By Stephanie Parker

Why Brimmz?

What sets brimmz apart you wonder?
We are you, that's why!
Brimmz thrives on quality customer service because if we were in your position as a consumer we would want to feel like we were taken care of also.
Brimmz started as a hobby and hasn't ever really changed. Yes, we have gotten a little bigger than just a "hobby" but we are still here for FUN, to make friends and to help those little babes look stylish on a budget.
That is what we live by for 2 reasons
It's all well and good to look the part, but when it comes to babies + kids durability and comfort are just as important.
We have a unique fit that was tested and changed for 2 years before actually launching online because we don't do anything around here unless its 100%
Style, Comfort, Customer Service and Price.
We have a community of moms and dads who support each other in everyday life on our BRIMMZ VIP facebook page.
We aren't just a small shop we are a brimmzfamily who come together and share a love for a quality hat. 
That is what sets us apart.
-Stephanie xo

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  • Hi, i was just curious if you oFfer whoLesale? I Just Opened uP an online CHILDREN’S boutIque and love your hats. We Would love to carry them if possiBle! Looking forwaRd to heArIng back

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